Partners And Stakeholders
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA)
Pakistan Pulp And Paper Board Mill Association (PPPBMA) All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association (APTPMA)
Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) Paper Sector
Textile Sector Sugar Sector
Leather Sector Certifying Agencies
Research And Academic Institutions Government Agencies
Technology Vendors Labs
Partners And Stakeholders

CPI is currently providing environment and energy services to leather, textile, sugar and paper sectors which are extendable to other industrial sectors as well if an opportunity arises in line with CPI mandate. Industry representative associations of each sector are collaborating with CPI as facilitators in implementation of proposed interventions and services to industry. In the public sector, CPI coordinates with Ministry of Climate Change, Provincial Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs). The technology vendors and manufacturers, research and education institutions, environmental NGOs, bilateral financing institutions, and multilateral financing institutions are also included in CPI audience.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN)

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) supported the cause of environmental compliance and efficiency of industrial sectors of Pakistan since 1994. R&E made major interventions in the form of

1. Environmental Technology Program for Industry (1996)
2. Cleaner Production Program for leather sector of Punjab (1996)
3. Cleaner Production Program for leather sector of Karachi (2003)
4. Combined Effluent Treatment Plant Korangi (1998)
5. Energy conservation in Punjab tanneries (2005)
6. Implementation of Cleaner Technologies in Textile Industry of Pakistan Phase 1 2 (2000, 2004-7)

These project level interventions served many purposes. The most important was the mobilization of large scale local environmental investment.

Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA)

Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) is considered as one of the leading industrial associations in the country on the subject of environment. PTA has been engaged in different environmental initiatives since 1992 through its Northern (covers Punjab and NWFP) and Southern Zones' (covers Sindh and Balochistan) bodies.

All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association (APTPMA)

All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association (APTPMA) is a body organizing all textile processing and composite units. APTPMA collaborated with EKN in implementation of various environmental and cleaner technology initiatives in the past such as Environmental Technology Program for Industry (ETPI 1996-2000), Cleaner Production Program (CPP 2000-2) and Implementation of Cleaner Technology Program for textile Industry (ICTP I & II:2000-2007).

Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA)

PSMA and Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists (PSST) are playing their progressive roles in this sector. PSMA is the institutional forum for owners of the sugar mills whereas PSST is the joint forum of sugar technologists and mill owners to discuss and share indigenous and international technological developments in the sector

Pakistan Pulp And Paper Board Mill Association (PPPBMA)

PPPBMA is the responsible authority for promotion and protection of trade, commerce and industry. It also liaises with government to promote the trade, commerce and industry and disseminate the information to the concerned department and agencies.

Pakistan Pulp, Paper and Board Mills Association (PPPBMA) was one of the collaborating associations in ETPI and Cleaner Production Program (CPP). The PISD used all the knowledge, experience and information of the ETPI and CPP inspired initiatives taken for the purpose of developing and implementing cleaner production measures in more paper mills. In addition, PISD worked along with international experience on the subject of energy efficiency for extending the technical assistance services in collaboration with PPPBMA.

Paper Sector

1. Century Paper and Board Mills Limited
2. Maqsood Faisal Paper and Board Mills

3. Flying Paper Mills Limited
4. Flying Board and Paper Product Limited

Textile Sector

1. Active Apparel internationals Pvt. Ltd
2. Shafi Texcel
3. N.T. Industries (Unit-2)
4. Lahore Carpet
5. Standard Hosiery
6. AZGARD Nine Limited
7. Inter Market Knit (Pvt) Ltd
8. Opera Textile Mills

9. Ayesha knitwear Pvt. Ltd
10. Asta Textile Limited
11. Brothers Dyeing
12. Ihsan Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
13. Aruj Textile Accessories
14. Active Apparel internationals Pvt. Ltd (unit#2)
15. Bright Industries Pvt. Ltd
16. Sarena Industries & Embroidary Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

Sugar Sector

1. Ashraf Sugar Mills Limited Bahawalpur
2. Colony Sugar Mills Limited Mandi Bahauddin
3. Baba Farid Sugar Mills Limited Okara

4. Colony Sugar Mills Limited Khanewal
5. Fecto Sugar Mills Limited Bhakkar

Leather Sector

1. Eastern Leather Company (Pvt.) Ltd
2. Siddique Leather Works (Pvt.) Ltd
3. East Pakistan Chrome Tannery (Pvt.) Ltd.
4. Royal Leather Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
5. Hafeez Shafi Tanneries (Pvt.) Ltd.
6. Dada Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.
7. Permair Leather Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
8. Leathertex Tanneries (Pvt.) Limited
9. Riaz Tanneries Unit-II
10. Leather Connections (Pvt.) Ltd.
11. AMSHE Leather Company (Pvt.) Ltd
12. HSA-Halloki
13. Chawla Tanneries
14. Unique Tanning industry
15. Premium Leather (Pvt.) Ltd.
16. Leather Field (Pvt.) Ltd.
17. KSR - Rehman Brothers & Co

18. Sheikh of Sialkot (Pvt.) Ltd.
19. Hansa Leather Garments (Pvt.) Ltd.
20. Leather Village
21. Kampala Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
22. Protech Leather Apparel (Pvt.) Ltd.
23. Khilji Sons
24. F.S. Candino Industires
25. Leather Network
26. Glance Leather Industries
27. H. Sadar Ali Akhtar Ali, Unit-II
28. H. Sadar Ali Akhtar Ali Unit-I
29. Leader Tanneries Unit-1
30. Welcome Leather
31. Yousaf Tanneries
32. Multan Hide (Pvt.) Ltd.
33. Khawaja Tanneries (Pvt.) Ltd
34. Leather Coordinators (Yousaf Tannery)
Certifying Agencies

1. Bureau Veritas Quality International
2. MOODY international(MI)
3. DNV Consulting UK (Pakistan Office)(DNV)

4. SGS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

Research And Academic Institutions

1. Textile Processing Division, ICET, Punjab University (TPDPU)
2. Government College of Technology Raiwind Lahore (GCT)
3. Kinnaird College(KC)
4. Government College of Technology Raiwind Lahore(GCT)
5. Mehran University(MU)
6. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore(UET)
7. National Institute of Leather Technology(NILT)
8. NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lahore(NFCIET)

9. Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF)
10. Synthetic Fibre Development & Application Centre
11. BLC Leather Technology Centre(BLC)
12. PERAC Research & Development(PRD)
13. National Institute of Bio-Genetic Engineering(NIBGE)
14. Leather Research Centre Karachi(LRC)
15. NEC Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd
16. National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Limited (NESPAK)

Government Agencies

1. National Productivity Organisation, Govt. of Pakistan (NPO)
2. ENERCON, Govt. of Pakistan (ENERCON)
3. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
4. Trade Development Authority (TDA)
5. Centre for Improvement of Working Condition and Environment(CIWCE)
6. Environmental Protection Department (EPD)
7. Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)

8. City District Government Karachi(CDGK)
9. Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO)
10. Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO)
11. Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA)
12. Faisalabad Development Authority(FDA)

Technology Vendors

1. Tec Engineering Works(TEC)
2. Energy & Environment Engineer(EEE)
3. New Pipe Casting Industries(NPCI)
4. Atlas Copco Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.(ACPL)
5. Jubilee Corporation(JC)
6. Pakistan Insulation (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi(PI)
7. Ducon Energy Management System(Ducon)
8. Ital Progestin Engineering(IPE)
9. Gresham's Eastern (Pvt) Ltd(Greshams)
10. Ameejee Valeejee and Sons(AVS)
11. RISI, Inc.(RISI)

12. Noor Pipe Store (NPS)
13. Cast Iron Pipes(CIP)
14. General Pipe & Valves Machinery Store (Pvt.) Limited.(GPVMS)
15. Jamal Pipe Industries (Pvt.) Limited. (M. S & G.I Pipes)(JPIL)
16. New Malik Foundry & Engg. Cast Iron Pipes.(NMFE)
17. RAFAE Engineering (RAFAE)
18. Gold Star Engineering(GSE)
19. Haseen Habib Pvt. Ltd., Lahore
20. Good Luck Steel Fabricator Engineering(GLSAE)
21. Popular Engineering Works(PEW)
22. Al-Madina Electric Corporation (AMEC)
23. Asif Brothers
24. Crown Mill Stores(CMS)
25. Installation & Fabrication Engineers (Pvt.) Ltd.(IFEL)
26. Nobel Brothers(NB)
27. Northern Toolings (Pvt.) Ltd(NTPL)
28. Technology Vendors(TV)


1. Global Environmental Laboratory(GEL)
2. Laboratory of Environmental Sciences(LES)
3. Pakistan Tanners Association (Southern Zone) Laboratory(PTA Lab)

4. Cleaner Production Centre, Laboratory(CPP Lab)
5. Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR)
6. Soil Testing laboratory, Agriculture Department, Lahore(STLADL)

1. Cleaner Production Centre, Sialkot(CPC)
2. Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FCCI)
3. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
4. Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS)

5. TAPPI Publications(TAPPI)
World Wide Fund for Nature – Pakistan(WWF-P)
7. Levis
8. Wal-Mart