CTP-Textile Environmental Certification

Environment Management System was one of the major activities of CTP-Textile that provided the opportunity to prepare the basic framework for securing and maintaining the ISO 14001 Certification. Following were the major components of the environmental management system manual:
1. Environmental Policy.
2. Structure and Responsibility.
3. Significant Environmental Aspects.
4. Legal, Regulatory and Other Requirements.
5. Environmental Objectives and Targets.
6. Environmental Management Programs.
7. Procedure for Training, Awareness and Competence Program.
8. Procedures for Internal Communication.
9. Procedures for External Communication .
10. Procedures for EMS Documentation.
11. Procedures for Document Control.
12. Procedures for Operational Control.
13. Procedures for Purchasing and Sub Control.
14. Procedures for Emergency Preparedness and Response.
15. Procedures and Schedule for Monitoring and Measurement.
16. Procedures for Recording and Corrective and Preventive Action.
17. Procedures for Environmental Records.
18. Procedures for Internal EMS Audit and Management Review.

ECO Labeling

Textile processing units were mobilized by the project team to achieve the Eco-label certification. The project team also facilitated the selected textile processing units to achieve and secure the same. In this regard export oriented textile processing units were helped in preparing the basic frame work to secure and maintain the eco-label standards for mutually selected products. Total 52 textile processing units were mobilized for achieving Eco-label certification. Oeko-Tex 100 under European Norm EN 45014 or equivalent standards was followed and maintained for eco-labeling purpose. The activities for the output included.
1. Identification of products.
2. Correspondence with certifying bodies.
3. Sampling and laboratory testing of products(s) as per requirements.
4. Coordinate between the textile units and the eco-labeling agency.