Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Technology

In Pakistan, during the last 30 years, various technologies have been used for the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. Mostly aerobic treatment systems like activated sludge system, trickling filters and aerated lagoons, have been employed. The focus of Pakistan’s wastewater engineers is predominantly aerobic treatment plants. Even major portion of the curriculum, in wastewater treatment courses of postgraduate programs of universities, concentrates on the same. In recent years, however, keen interest is developing in the application of anaerobic wastewater treatment technologies, under local conditions, particularly for treating strong industrial waste, owing to their following advantages
Low capital and energy costs.
Less mechanical complexity.
Less area requirement.
Simple managerial requirements.
This training aimed at the exchange of knowledge on anaerobic wastewater treatment in general and especially UASB technology. This program provided a solid basis for the design, construction and operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment scheme, employing anaerobic treatment technologies, including UASB reactors.

Training Module

The proposed training was divided in four modules. There are four different types of trainees to be covered by the project, these were; CETP Operational team, Design Engineers and Professionals, Universities Faculties, and Students. These target groups were different by level of understanding about wastewater treatment technologies; they have different audiences, different circumstances with respect to promotion and implementation of UASB technology, and different value for the sustainability of the idea.

Training Manuals

The manual acted as a guideline document for the training modules and reference document for design purposes. Total five (5) modules were developed for UASB training. These manuals provided all the basic information on anaerobic and post-anaerobic wastewater treatment technologies and guidelines on the operation and maintenance of facilities, based on anaerobic treatment. The details of the manuals are stated as follows.
Manual A: Operation Manual for UASB Technology.
Manual B-General Training on UASB Technology.
Manual C: Detailed Course out-line on UASB Technology for Post-Graduate Course .
Manual D: Handouts.
Manual E: Generalized Wastewater Issues for Professionals and Students.
Following table shows the relationship between modules and manuals with respect to delivery of training.