Environmental pollution caused by tanneries is a well-known environmental problem in Pakistan. Pakistan Tanners Association (SZ) Environmental Society realizing the importance of this issue initiated a comprehensive Environmental Management Program (EMP) in 1994. The program comprised of two major components i.e. implementation of Combined Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in phase-I and implementation of Cleaner Technologies (CT) in phase-II. Construction of CETP was completed and by March 2006, it started to treat wastewater. Subsequently, PTA decided to start the implementation of cleaner technology component under the title of “Cleaner Technology Program for Korangi Tanneries (CTP-KT).
The approach of the program was to implement proposed environmental solutions in a logical sequence under a cost-effective framework with direct and indirect financial paybacks.


The aim of this program was to enable Korangi tanneries to implement cleaner technologies and adopt better working practices for better environmental performance.


1.Introduction and implementation of cleaner technology options and occupational health and safety program in the Korangi tannery cluster.
2.Implementation of environmental management system, to achieve ISO 14000 certification.
3.Assistance in self-monitoring program.
4.Development and initiation of solid waste management program at cluster level.
5.Utilization of CETP as a demonstration project for introducing UASB technology, which is cost effective and technologically simple wastewater treatment technology, to enable large number of industries and municipalities to implement wastewater treatment plants projects.

PTA (S.Z.) Environmental Society

PTA (S.Z.) Environmental Society was the execution wing of Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) Southern Zone for the implementation of Environmental Management Program for Korangi Tanneries, which was initiated in 1994. CTP-KT was one of the components of that program. PTA (SZ) ES appointed a managing committee to monitor the progress of the project.

Royal Netherlands Embassy

Royal Netherlands Embassy always promotes and supports environmental initiatives in Pakistan. RNE was also contributing in this project by providing grant for the technical assistance. The progress of the project was also being continuously monitored by RNE.

Individual Tanneries

Tanners had the key role in the CTP-KT project as the whole project was designed for their benefits. A crucial role of the project team was to motivate and convince the tanners to invest in cleaner technologies. This was done through effective use of communication and dissemination activities of the project team. All tanneries that came under the umbrella of CTP-KT,participated in the training workshops/seminars organized by CPT-KT.

NEC Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

NEC was appointed as the consultant for execution of the CTP-KT. NEC is among the leading environmental engineering consulting firms of Pakistan, which has undertaken a large number of environmental projects since its inception in 1993. NEC also offers technical assistance for different environmental sectors in the form of, Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Audits (EA) and Environmental Training. NEC helps to contribute in sustainable industrial, social and natural resource development of Pakistan.

Royal Haskoning Group

Royal Haskoning group of The Netherlands was the associate consultant of NEC for the UASB Training component of the project. The Royal Haskoning is a group of consulting engineers and architects, employing about 3000 professionals. The professionals of the Haskoning involved in large and small projects for national and international government bodies and private companies. Haskoning was the principal designer of Combined Effluent Treatment Plant of PTA (SZ) Environmental Society which is based on UASB Treatment Technology. In addition, Haskoning has internationally designed and commissioned various UASB treatment plants.

British Leather Centre (BLC)

BLC Leather Technology Center Ltd is the worlds leading facility dedicated to the tanning sector. It has a team of technical, environmental and management consultants that specialized in tanning technology and the associated waste streams. The experience of BLC Leather Technology Center was utilized in the filed of solid waste management and training on process improvement within tanneries.